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Drone Technology Offering

aerial imagery

Orthomosiac or aerial imagery collected via drone can provide high quality and clarity imagery of your project or work site. The Analytical Moose can provide detailed imagery at 0.5 in/px within 48 hours of your project area being flown, sometimes even more quickly depending on the project area. 3D models of the same area can also be rendered.


Drones have a wide variety of uses in agriculture from crop health and yield potential to damage assessment. Irrigation issues and plants lacking proper hydration can easily be identified through drone collection and analysis. If disaster happens or the crop fails, drone data collection can quickly help in the evaluation and submittal of insurance claim validation.

damage assessment

Damage assessments are important for many different stakeholders. The owner would like to quickly know the extend of the damage to their property, especially during a natural disaster. During a natural disaster, the government needs to quickly assess the amount and type of damage that has occurred. And lastly, but definitely not least, the insurance companies need to assess the extent of damages to the customers in their coverage area. Drones can effectively and efficiently gather this information and distribute it appropriately. Post damage assessment is also extremely helpful in showing damages directly after a disaster or event. It has been proven extremely beneficial for lawsuits and mediation.

Search and Rescue

Drone technologies can effectively and efficiently cover large areas. They allow for real-time visual information and data following a natural disaster. They can also provide assistance in the search for missing persons and animals covering difficult terrain and detecting human body heat utilizing Infrared Thermal Imaging.









0-20 acres: $2,000

20-40 acres: $4,000

40+ acres: $100/acre

100+ acres: $75/acre

250+ acres: $50/acre

500+ acres: $35/acre

750+ acres: $25/acre

1 inch/px

Please contact for projects over 1,000 acres.


0.5in/px Imagery

Dependant on obstacles within area

Ground Control Points

(up to 3cm accuracy)

Multispectral Imagery

(No analysis)

Multispectral Imagery

(Plant Health Only)

linear features


1 inch/px

Drone Photography


1 hour minimum

Drone Video

1 hour minimum


photography and video

1 hour minimum


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