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Red Grape Vines
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pLANT cOUNT and Assignments

Plant Count Analysis determines the precise number of plants in a specific area. Assigning row and plant numbers to the vineyard can help you manage your vineyard. By assigning numbers to the row and/or plants we can easily communicate about what plants may be having issues or need an extra look.


Plant stress reports identify the percentage and the exact location of areas with stress. In this context, “stress” refers to plants that have not emerged into healthy plants, areas without plants, areas with diseases, drought or other yield-limiting factors. The analysis is based on the relativity of the health of the plants compared to entire vineyard.

Nitrogen Status

Controlling the amount of nitrogen in crops is one of the significant factors on which the plant health and the overall yield goal depends. It gives you precise information you need to quickly perform soil samplings and determine how much fertilizer to apply in each zone. 


Drought Analysis delivers a fast and accurate report that allows you to identify and quantify all plants affected with drought, assess their current drought status, and determine the exact areas of varying drought conditions. Drought analysis helps you prevent plant damage, yield reduction, and irrigation problems by implementing the most appropriate measures based on the drought status (which can be extreme, moderate, or no drought). It also enables you to adjust the irrigation system based on the specific needs of your plants, maximizing the success of crop production.

Coming Soon!

Adamson Vineyard

In 2020, The Analytical Moose partnered with Adamson Vineyard in Southern Oregon to create a set of Vineyard Analysis tools that can be used by any vineyard. We are currently in the development of year-to-year tools.


  • Vineyard Map with Current Imagery

  • Initial Plant Health

  • Nitrogen Status Analysis

  • Drought Status


  • Updated Imagery every two weeks

  • Plant Health Comparison

  • Drought Status

0-10 acres: $4,000

$250/each additional acre

0-10 acres: $1,500

$125/each additional acre

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